April 24, 2024

What You Need to Know About Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware offers high-end home furnishings and decor. Their collection includes furniture, lighting fixtures, textiles, rugs and bath items – not to mention outdoor and baby furniture!

Stephan Gordon established his company in Eureka, California in 1979 after finding that the hardware, moldings and fixtures he needed for restoring a Victorian home weren’t readily available.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

An outdoor space designed for both entertaining and relaxation will elevate the luxury of any home, but creating it may not always be straightforward. Exposure to direct sunlight may damage fabric and other furnishings while rain and wind may bring dust and debris. In order to safeguard your investment and ensure its long-term survival, it is wise to plan ahead by purchasing durable furniture that can withstand weathering elements.

One way to create the ideal outdoor living space is by connecting both spaces using floor-to-ceiling glass walls or doors, matching decor styles between interior and exterior areas and extending flooring, textures and other design features into both areas. To enhance visual appeal in your backyard, add water features or other landscape features that stimulate senses – for instance adding waterfalls or including aromatic plants like rosemary or lavender can stimulate smell while providing guests with something pleasant when they visit!

Dining Room Furniture

The RH style embodies rustic, industrial and masculine elements layered together for an eye-catching design aesthetic. Perfect for anyone seeking a subtle way to update their home without breaking the bank, incorporate this trend by pairing hard furniture pieces such as marble tables with soft furnishings (plush rugs and flowing art) to bring in this trend into your space.

Restoration Hardware has always been one of my go-to brands when helping clients transform their homes to sell. They feature an aesthetic that’s equal parts modern, elegant, and sexy – it truly epitomizes home selling success!

Beginning in 1979 when Stephen Gordon needed replacement fixtures and hardware for his Victorian home, he put together a binder of photocopied vendors’ catalog pages as well as an inexpensive sign to start selling hardware to other homeowners. Today, both their stores and catalog are household names.

Kitchen Furniture

Restoration Hardware has long been trusted as the go-to provider for kitchen furniture. They offer many styles to complement existing decor seamlessly. Their upscale collection blends rustic, modern and masculine features in order to achieve an opulent appearance that is sure to draw compliments from everyone you serve at dinner parties!

Brass furniture frames and rough brushed metal accents are extremely popular in RH furniture. Additionally, many large artwork pieces and plush texture accent pillows help soften up its harder edges.

Stephan Gordon founded Restoration Hardware in 1979 while renovating his Victorian home in Eureka, California. As he struggled to locate high quality yet cost-effective hardware and fixtures for his renovations, he realized other homeowners must also be facing this difficulty. To combat it, he created a binder of photocopied vendor catalog pages and purchased an inexpensive sign to place on his porch where he would sell hardware in order to fund further improvements on his home.


Lighting is one of the most integral aspects of home design and decor, transforming any room’s design and interior with ease. Proper illumination can transform a house into an aesthetically pleasing combination of functionality and fashion, saving both money and energy costs along the way.

Restoration hardware lighting replica is the ideal way to light a room from any angle and highlight specific features, whether that means filling an entire space with light or drawing attention to certain features. Available in various shapes, sizes and designs with easy mounting using nails or command strips without needing wiring in-wall wiring, restoration hardware lighting replica is sure to meet all of your lighting needs.

Restoration Hardware (RH), established in Corte Madera, California since 1978 and offering home furnishings with rich histories. Stephan first used RH to fund home renovations by selling door knobs he photocopied out of catalogs – keeping four for himself while selling the rest at double their original prices to customers.

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