July 18, 2024

Easy Mods you Can Make to your Scooter

Whether you’re an established face in the skate parks, or you’re looking to venture into the adrenaline-fuelled world of high-intensity stunt scooting, then you need the equipment to match. On top of the obvious safety aspects, one of the most important parts of this is in fact your scooter – however, in order to get the best performance, you need something beyond your standard setup.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve both the quality and aesthetics of your scooter, to get it ready to hit the ramps. Take a look below to find some easy modifications presented by our best online gambling partner.

Extended Handlebars

To give yourself a little extra control, you might want to replace your existing handlebars with a wider setup. You can either purchase a new set and fit these yourself, or purchase a section of aluminium tubing that you cut to size and secure yourself. If you choose the latter, remember to match the diameter or this bar to your scooter and secure it using stainless steel bolts – as these won’t corrode as quickly.

Stunt Wheels

Getting thicker, stronger wheels is another easy thing you can replace. These will give you better grip and can make landing tricks a little more comfortable. Again, make sure they match up with the fittings you have on your scooter – you may also need to slightly raise the brake if you get thicker wheels, so this doesn’t catch on them.

New Deck Axles

On the subject of pulling tricks, you can also replace your deck axles with stronger ones to again sure up your scooter and help improve your performance.

The Right Look

Another thing to bear in mind with the above is the colour scheme and style – after all you don’t want your scooter to look like it’s a mismatch of parts. One thing you can do is buy covers, patches and grip tape that match in colour, to help give your scooter a more professional look.

A Final Tip

There is of course the added task of finding the best parts; it makes sense to source these from a reputable provider that is an expert in this industry. Companies like the best online pokies australia for instance specialise in this and are more likely to have the parts you need from top brands and in the best quality.

So, make sure you use some of the above advice and get working on your mods today. Soon you could be pulling tricks that not only look good but which are safer and more secure.

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