July 18, 2024

Five Countries That Went BIG in Solar Panel Installation

It is quite amusing that more and more countries are becoming so aware of their carbon footprint. As a result, innovative ways of eliminating the carbon footprint are becoming available and reaching the mainstream of consumer use. If you observe more closely, solar panel roof systems are found everywhere, and the number of households using them is increasing exponentially.

The worldwide recognition of global climate change and its adverse impact on human life, animals, and plants is so intense and has seen unprecedented growth. Now, the challenge is for each individual like you.

In this article, you will know the top countries that invested in solar panel installation.

The International Awareness of Solar 

If you have not noticed it yet, the sun is not just for getting a tan or getting your clothes dry. It can do more than that. The power the sun emits to the earth and into the atmosphere contains solar energy – a vital source of electricity.

Solar companies around the globe are working ten times harder to increase production and make solar solutions available to everyone. As a result, solar panel cost is at an all-time low.

The Leaders in Solar Installation and Energy Production

Countries such as China and India, two of the giant countries emerging in terms of economy, knew that electricity costs generated by traditional electric corporations are getting higher. More so, it does more harm, too. Coal and fossil fuel production is utilized to generate electricity, tens of thousands of carbon is released into the atmosphere. With that, solar companies Orlando have seen an opportunity and capitalize on the issue at hand. Today, both China and India are two of the giant countries that have the largest solar energy production to date.

Want to know more about who is leading? Here are the top five countries in solar panel use and solar energy production:

1. China – With a total of 205GW in 2019, China leads the list in solar energy production with a total of 223.8 terawatt-hours (TWh). However, with the sheer size of the country, many of its regions still use traditional non-renewable sources of energy production – something to improve on when it comes to the renewable energy movement.

2. United States – a total of 76GW in 2019, the United States totals 93.1 TWh of clean electricity. With the Federal and state tax credit policies, the United States is poised to increase its clean electricity production in the years to come.

3. Japan – an impressive 63.2GW in 2019, Japan totals 74.1 TWh of clean electricity. Despite its country’s land size, Japan overtakes other small countries in clean electricity production.

4. Germany – the only European country with 49.2GW in 2019 and generating a total of 47.5 TWh of clean electricity. Germany’s initiative in clean and renewable energy is seen as an important and symbolic act towards Europe’s movement towards the sustainability of tomorrow.

5. India – recorded a total of 38GW in 2019, India’s clean electricity production is recorded at 54 TWh. Solar panels, amongst other technologies, is India’s priority and are considered a very good contributor to the country’s GDP.

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