June 11, 2024

Best Animation Software

Animation visuals are highly engaging and generate more shares on social media than anything else. Plus, creating them is easier than you might think!

There are various animation programs available for you to use, but how can you choose the ideal one for yourself? Let’s investigate some options; Adobe Animate, Powtoon and Pencil 2D are among some of our top choices.

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is a professional-grade animation creation software designed to help users create visually striking and well-constructed animations for cartoons, banner ads, games and more. Packed full of professional-grade features and providing comprehensive tutorials so it’s easier than ever for users to navigate their way around it, Adobe Animate allows users to craft incredible animated films.

With its advanced vector art brushes and PSD/AI import options, this animation software helps streamline production time. Furthermore, its robust font library enables access to premium web fonts via Creative Cloud subscription plans; and editing/manipulative tools provide all that users need to create animation videos.

A tool supporting multiple platforms, including HTML5, WebGL and Adobe AIR; as well as vector graphics and object-oriented coding to allow users to produce interactive web applications and games; timeline feature that synchronizes audio with animations; MOV and GIF file support allowing editing video clips such as adding music/text for animated clips etc.


With its library of characters, templates, backgrounds and graphics this animation software makes creating shareable content easily. Drawing tools make bringing ideas to life, while audio editing features can help fine-tune the sound quality. Furthermore, various file formats and import/export options are supported as well as support for various file types and import/export options are supported as well as various import/export features.

This software is perfect for educators who wish to introduce animation into their classrooms, whether directly or via students. Teachers can create presentations themselves or assign students the task of building them with this tool; animated presentations tend to be more engaging than regular PowerPoints and encourage student participation.

This software offers both a free version with limited functionality, or you can pay monthly subscription or export fee. It has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, making it simple and straightforward for learning and using it, plus various plugins to extend capabilities – for instance adding character voices and voiceover features into animations.


Sons of Thunder Software has developed Stykz as a multi-platform stick figure animation program available for free use on multiple platforms, offering features such as onionskinning to allow individual manipulation of line segments within figures.

This software has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface and customizable options that enable them to create various 2D animations with ease. Furthermore, keyframe animation is supported as well as various tools available to animators for use.

Another fantastic feature is its capability of importing and exporting various file formats, making it simple for you to work with different formats while sharing animations created.

Stykz is frame-based software, meaning that animators can work on each frame individually until it is perfect. Furthermore, onion skinning functionality enables easy viewing and adjustment between frames for smooth transitions between frames.


This animation software is both open source and free, making it easily accessible for aspiring animators. Featuring powerful 3D tools that allow for effortless creation of stunning graphics and effects, as well as being responsive to user actions with many customizable options available.

Includes an advanced morphing feature to deform one image into another using control points and automate the process for added efficiency and time-saving benefits. Also offers features to assist animators with more realistic shading effects.

User interface of 2D animation applications such as Blender is similar, featuring an upper left panel containing tools, a center panel displaying canvas area and bottom panel displaying timeline and keyframes, with property panels on right side of application.

Synfig’s latest update now allows users to render animations in Lottie format for use on desktop and mobile platforms, with one simple button on the toolbar enabling this feature. Furthermore, Synfig remembers previous rendered frames for enhanced playback and timeline scrubbing experience.

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