July 18, 2024

Author: Janet Jackson

Can Mobile Phone Cause Brain Tumor?

Cellphones emit radiofrequency waves. Like that from nuclear bombs or X-ray machines, this energy can cause electrons to separate from DNA strands, potentially causing irreparable harm to its constituent molecules and cause irreparable harm to our DNA strands. Studies indicate that long-term mobile phone usage doubles your risk of brain tumors such as gliomas and […]

How Mobile Communication Works

Your mobile phone transmits and receives low-power radio signals between antennas attached to transmitters and receivers known as cell towers or cellphone masts – these masts connect directly with public network fixed phones and mobile switching centres. Your cellphone converts your voice to radio signals that travel through the air to reach its closest cellphone […]

Computer Hardware and Networking

Computer hardware and networking are essential elements of a computing system, providing faster problem-solving, easier file sharing, increased storage capacity and cost reduction. Computer hardware comprises both external and internal devices that make up its entirety, including devices that create networks through hubs and routers. Input devices An input device refers to any piece of […]

Why Do Software Engineers Work From Home?

Many software engineers prefer working from home due to its flexibility; however, they must maintain a work-life balance by following their schedules and adhering to them. Some companies are finding creative solutions to help remote engineers remain focused and avoid burnout, such as offering competitive wages and benefits packages. Benefits Working from home can save […]

What You Need to Know About Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware offers high-end home furnishings and decor. Their collection includes furniture, lighting fixtures, textiles, rugs and bath items – not to mention outdoor and baby furniture! Stephan Gordon established his company in Eureka, California in 1979 after finding that the hardware, moldings and fixtures he needed for restoring a Victorian home weren’t readily available. […]

Best Animation Software

Animation visuals are highly engaging and generate more shares on social media than anything else. Plus, creating them is easier than you might think! There are various animation programs available for you to use, but how can you choose the ideal one for yourself? Let’s investigate some options; Adobe Animate, Powtoon and Pencil 2D are […]

Can a Cell Phone Tower Cause Cancer?

People living near cell phone towers may worry that living nearby increases their risk of cancer and other health conditions due to radiofrequency radiation emitted by these towers, which has been shown to cause health issues. Cellular towers are locations where antennae and electronic communication equipment work together to form cells in a cellular network. […]

A Guide to Computer Accessories

Computer accessories are devices designed to increase the functionality of a computer system. From standard mice and keyboards, to gaming monitors and more, accessories enhance its abilities. An ergonomic desk pad will keep your keyboard and mouse protected while helping to keep the area tidy. A docking station is another essential accessory. Keyboard The keyboard […]

Digital Technology Transforms Every Aspect of Our Lives

Digital technology has completely revolutionized every aspect of our lives and continues to do so rapidly, representing yet another wave of societal modernization spurred on by Schumpeterian creative destruction. Higher institutions of learning must equip their lecture rooms and develop digital pedagogy among instructors in order to increase students’ usability and acceptance of digital technologies. […]

Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Cellphones emit low levels of radio magnetic radiation which are not linked to cancer risks, unlike that which comes from X-ray machines, which does increase cancer risks. Studies have recently shown that long-term mobile phone use may increase acoustic neuromas, raising concerns that this use could promote cancer or speed up existing tumor growth. Radiofrequency […]