May 24, 2024

Logitech’s New Webcam

Logitech has launched a new webcam in the form of the Brio 500. Designed to compete with Apple Desk View, it offers full HD video quality and has a “Show Mode” feature that allows you to share your desk with others. The Brio 500 is especially useful for creative professionals and university lecturers who need to be able to broadcast their presentations to a large audience.

Another notable feature is the ability to adjust the field of view on the Logitech webcam. You can choose from 65-degree or 78-degree views. If you’re streaming or uploading videos to YouTube, you might want to choose the 90-degree mode. You can also use its 5x digital zoom. Other features include a detachable USB cable, omnidirectional microphones, and soft hinges.

The Logitech webcam is compatible with Mac computers. To install it, open the application settings for the camera in the Mac’s operating system. For example, open System Preferences, click the Sound icon, then click “Video and Audio”. The Logitech camera will appear in the list of devices. Select it and follow the instructions to install the device.

The Logitech C922 Pro Stream webcam is designed specifically for gamers who stream live or record their gameplay. It supports HD 1080p recording at 30fps, as well as 720p at 60fps. In addition, the C922 Pro Stream webcam also has automatic low light correction, enabling you to use it even in dimly-lit rooms. It also has two built-in noise-cancelling microphones, which will keep noise out of your footage.

Logitech has also announced new Bluetooth headsets. The Brio 500 comes in black, rose, and off-white and starts at $130. In addition, the brand has introduced new headphones, the Zone Vibe 100 and Zone Vibe 125. The two headsets have the same design approach and launch in the same colours as the Brio 500. The aim of these headsets is to create a hybrid headset.

The Logi Tune app lets you adjust the zoom and other settings of your webcam. It also allows you to share video alongside PowerPoint slides. You can also download the Logi Tune app to use the camera in Google Meet meetings. The app also has an in-built memory to remember the settings you previously used.

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